Comefuse app released for both iPhone and Android

Title : Comefuse by Comefuse inc

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“Fuse” – unite or blend into a whole, with the real-time non-virtual social networking. Find and contact people that are interested in performing an activity of your interest; from across available interests within the app – such as Basketball, Tennis, Hangout, Wine-n-Dine, See Places, Play Cards/Chess, etc., to name a few!
Filter people that are geographically nearby located, by age, gender and distance. Communicate instantly with like-minded people via the application built-in chat and go social!

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Impossible Flappy – Flappy’s Back

Well, Few weeks later I have came across another Flappy game which is know as Impossible Flappy-Flappy’s Back. I am not so eager to play it but then I saw the customer reviews and then it stuck me. I just read some reviews and people are going crazy about this game. In a very short period of time this game has reached some level. You will be in amazed to know that this game has 95,000+ reviews on App Store…. YES!!! You have heard right 95,000+ reviews in very short period of time. This is really something you can wish for your game and app. I am in field of iOS and computer games for a period but never seen this type of games which are based on original games go like this.


I just downloaded it and give it my 4 precious hours just to know about it. The developer maintains the originality of game but also give some changes like more colors and more hard level and this makes it more interesting. People love impossible and thus they gave their time and efforts to these types of simple games which are way hard to play. Impossible Flappy has given me new ideas about our thinking to overcome the impossible even it is just a game. This game is awesome and is doing great even after this much of success and I hope it will do even more better from this point. The Developers are releasing more Flappy based games related to this on and surprisingly they are doing great too. I am not a fan of these types of game but this game has taught me that this is not about high class graphics but this is about how you represent your product in front of customers. I wish that we can learn this before investing so much in non working products filled with glitches.

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What are the best available Flappy Bird Game on iOS

Well We all Know that Flappy Bird was a hit but after Flappy Bird the iOS users are demanding more games like that. I have gone through some of the Flappy Based Games on App Store and I have come across some more played games which I am sharing here….


1) Impossible Flappy – Flappy’s Back : This game has gotten more than 99,000 Ratings on USA App Store and still scoring 5/5 ratings. This is one of the most played and entertaining game in App Store.

Impossible Flappy Icon

Flappy is back for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and is better than the original!!! Don’t settle for glitchy clones. Multiple difficulty levels keep everyone entertained, from beginners to advanced Flappy Bird addicts. If you’re ever stuck trying to beat your friends’ scores, you can even 1-Up for an extra life. Are you up for the challenge? Get it before it’s gone and tell all your friends.

Flappy’s Back is not affiliated with Gears Studio or the original Flappy Bird.

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2) Dodo Bird – Classic : It is another better game a bit different from original flappy but it is also doing great.


The game the whole world loves to hate is back for a limited time only!!! BEST GAME OF 2014. Simply tap to make Flappy fly and avoid those pipes. How far can you go? Don’t miss the surprise guest, introducing Flappy’s cousin Dodo.